You all play a major part in our program and our mission. We recognize that many of our students often require encouragement to apply and even more encouragement to join us on Saturday mornings. For that, we are truly appreciative. We also recognize that you all want to be major contributors in your children’s lives. We feel it would helpful to provide you all with some key points of guidance. Here are some things to consider:

1. Punctuality is a requirement. Unless otherwise noted, our start time is 9:44AM every Saturday.
2. We conclude at 12:00PM sharp every scheduled session, unless otherwise noted.
3. Continental breakfast is provided each session.
4. Students are expected to possess their own (non-parent) personal email account and check that account at least every 2-3 days. Email is used as a key means of communication.
5. All standard communications will be done through the students.
6. To keep up-to-date on the program, visit the website and Facebook page.
7. The program calendar will also be kept up-to-date.
8. Attendance will be kept. There are “excused” and “unexcused” absences. See the Attendance Policy.
9. Silence is not golden. Unless we hear otherwise from you all and/or the students, we will often assume that everything is “OK”.
10. All sessions are closed to parents and guardians, unless otherwise stated. Our program is focused on the students feeling that they can be open and free.
11. Tell us how we can support you all as parents beyond just Saturdays.
12. GBALI is run completely by volunteers.
13. Though Gilman and Gilman alumni support our program, there is no association with the curriculum or staff of Gilman School.


GBALI is a non-profit organization run by dedicated volunteers. Your support helps us provide the right tools and plan college tours for our students.