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Program Calendar

  • 14th Annual Gilman Alumni Basketball Day and Lunch December 27, 2014 at 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm Redmond C.S. Finney Athletic Center/McCarthy Room Details: http://gbali.org/2014/12/19/rsvp-for-lunch-basketball -and-no-session-on-122014/

Program Hours & Location

The 10th Annual Gilman Black Alumni Leadership Institute will meet weekly on Saturdays from 8:44am to 12:00pm beginning October 25 2014.

RSVP for Lunch & Basketball and No Session on 12/20/14

Cousins, as mentioned, we won’t be meeting on Saturday, 12/20/14. However, we will be having our 14th Annual Basketball (12pm) and Lunch (2pm) event on Saturday, 12/27/14. This is a completely social event and you don’t have to play basketball. Eat, chat and chill. Many GBALI alums will be in attendance. RSVP is mandatory and quick.


The Black Alumni Group invites you to join in for the 14th Annual Alumni Basketball Event!

When: Saturday, Dec. 27, 2014

At the Finney Athletic Center on Gilman’s campus

12pm- start time for pick-up games

*Lunch to follow at approximately 2pm

To learn more and RSVP please click here.

The Finney Athletic Center is adjacent to the track and field oval. It is a 2 level building with a pyramid shape roof. To get to the building, there is a parking lot entrance directly off of Northern Parkway (eastbound, beneath overpass after Roland Avenue). You cannot drive to the building from Roland Avenue. However, you can walk across the athletic fields.

Click map to enlarge

Gilman Map

Saturday, December 13, 2014: Assignment

Cousins, please, prepare for our Saturday, 12/13/14, session….

Your teams are your chance to promote real change. We’re sure you all have complained about how we do things and how you would want things done. You now have a chance to prove you “know what you’re talking about.” You all will begin work on your team projects, so you need to come prepared as follows. These assignments do not need to be completed before Saturday but EACH of you should show up ready to work. Keep in mind that this is not a closed book test. You are HIGHLY encouraged to work across groups. That’s how real business gets done and this is real business.

  1. Archives Team: You all will be responsible for “tracking” and surveying past GBALI students.
    • Assignment: Develop a pool of survey questions that would allow us to capture the path of former GBALI students and the impact that GBALI has played in their lives. Avoid generic questions since we came come up with those on our own.
  2. Information Technology (IT) Team: You all will be responsible for proposing hardware and software solutions that improve how GBALI operates and how GBALI students navigate & manage life successfully and more effectively.
    • Assignment: Develop a list of technology “tools” that a typical GBALI students should use (“GBALI Survival Kit”). Also, propose technology services that GBALI directors and students could use to better communicate internally, manage daily operations and promote/market the program. Being “cool” and “popular” are not good reasons by themselves. Think “added value, simplification and attainability/affordability.
  3. Logistics Team: You all are responsible for making GBALI work and maintaining our brand. That being said, motivation and rewards are just as important as penalties.
    • Assignment: Develop options that can be part of a motivational and reward system for GBALI students. Think “relevant” and “creative.” Nothing is off the table. Be able to explain the rationale.
  4. Multimedia Team:  You all are responsible for the development of our 10th anniversary documentary video. This will be crucial in marketing and promoting GBALI over the next 10 years. This video will include interviews of present & past GBALI students/families, supporters, presenters, etc.
    • Assignment: Develop a pool of interview questions that would allow us to visually capture their thoughts on GBALI and the role it has played in their lives and on their families. Avoid generic questions since we came come up with those on our own. Also, determine what skills and tools your team members have that will be useful for audio, video and photography work.
  5. Programming & Sessions Team: You all are responsible for making sure the content of GBALI is relevant and entertaining to the GBALI students. Having fun should be fun.
    • Assignment: Propose suggestions for educational & discussion topics and “just-for-fun” session themes. Think “relevant” and “creative.” Nothing is off the table. Be able to explain the rationale.

Bring laptops, tablets, phones, notepads and any other items needed to do work and research as needed. Also, listen to the following Podcast: The Science of Gratitude and Financial Success.

Saturday, December 6, 2014: Goucher College Visit

We will not be meeting at Gilman on Sat, 12/6/14. We will be meeting at and touring Goucher College in Towson. Business professional dress code is in effect. It will be cold so dress warm. Gentlemen, tighten up the ties and no sneakers or construction/hiking boots. Ladies loosing up & lengthen the skirts/dresses and lower the heels a little bit. If you have any questions, ask us. For those who have…. Well played. Better to ask than don’t and then get it wrong.

  • Do some background research on Goucher and be prepared to ask questions.
  • Arrive at Admissions office at 9:28am (next to Kraushaar Auditorium. See map)
    • Parking is in the visitor lot in front of the Dorsey Center (See map)
  • Tour ends at 12/12:15pm.



Important Details for Procter & Gamble Business trip on 12/4/14

Here are the important details for our business trip to visit Procter & Gamble (CoverGirl).

Arrive at 9:21AM. Go in the main entrance (near visitor parking) and wait in the lobby. Address: 11050 York Rd in Hunt Valley/Cockeysville, MD. If you need transportation to and from, send a message to dirs@gbali.org with pick-up and drop-off locations.

Dress code is Business Professional. However, we will be going on a plant tour so EVERYONE must wear long pants, closed toe shoes and limit jewelry and hair accessories. Items needed for religious observation are fine. We will be done around 11:45/12:00 pm and yes, we will have pizza lunch around 11:30 am.

You can get to the location via York Rd (between Shawan and Warren roads….there is an entrance on York Rd just south of Wight Ave or, you can turn left on Wight Ave and enter that way as well (Valley View Farms is across from Wight Ave). You can also get there by going North on 83 to exit 20A – Shawan Rd East. Turn right at first light, McCormick Rd, and then left onto Wight Ave – just past Royal Farms. On the right past the post office and police station. There is visitor parking in the front.

Give to Get…. Service opportunity

The holiday season is upon us. To get into the spirit, we are offering an opportunity to you. This Saturday (11/15/14), you can earn 0.5 (1/2) point for every 2 canned goods that you bring in (Max = 1 point; 4 cans).

For those of you that have lost points due to attendance or non-completion of an assignment, now is your chance to recoup your loss. For everyone else, this is an opportunity to earn an extra credit point.

The collected cans will be donated to Bea Gaddy’s kitchen. If you don’t know who Bea Gaddy was or what her kitchen does, Google it.

Suggestions: string beans, sweet potatoes, beans, greens, sauerkraut…

Program Directors

Kellee Parrott Gonzalez
McDonogh '96

Kourtney J. Whitehead
Osbourn (VA) '96

Terrance T. Whitehead
Gilman '95

Karlo G. Young
Gilman '97


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