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Program Calendar

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Program Hours & Location

The 10th Annual Gilman Black Alumni Leadership Institute will meet weekly on Saturdays from 8:44am to 12:00pm beginning October 25 2014.

Saturday, March 28, 2015: Special Working Session

We will be meeting this Saturday, 3/28/15, at 9:24am to 11:30am. We will be using this session to plan our community service and our 10th Anniversary event & documentary. Please, bring any internet able devices you may have in order to do possible research.

  • Logistics & Programming: Community service and 10th anniversary event
  • Archives, Technology and Multimedia: 10th anniversary event & documentary

Community Service: Every year the GBALI family participates in an “active” community facing event or project that aims to share our time, talents and energy. You all will be responsible for coming up with this year’s initiative.

10th Anniversary Event: We would like to ensure that this year’s event (Saturday, June 27, 2015) truly “displays” the impact that GBALI has had on it’s students & families and vice versa over the past 10 years. Would like for you all to come up with creative ideas that could be a part of the program. Past students should be able to provide leadership on this.

10th Anniversary Documentary: Would like to gather some creative ideas on how to best capture and present “ten years of GBALI” visually. Many of you all are very creative (artistically and technically) and we need your brains to do what they do.

Next Session (Saturday, March 28, 2015) & March Madness

Reminder, that we will not be meeting this Saturday, 3/21/15. Our next session is Saturday, 3/28/15, at 9:24AM to 11:30AM. Mark your calendar and note the time.

Also, make sure you sign-up for the “G-BALL-I” March Madness pool. Check your email for the invite or let us know if you didn’t get it. It’s a wonderful time of the year.

No sessions on Saturdays, March 14 & 21, 2015

Reminder that there will be no sessions on Saturdays, 3/14/15 and 3/21/15. We will meet again on Saturday, 3/28/15. Encourage you all to plan a group outing or get-together. Have some with each other.

Time Correction & Need Your Questions and Comments

Please note the correction to the end time for Saturday, 3/7/15. It should be 1:00PM, not 1:30PM.

Also, a key part to this session has always been your questions. This is an opportunity to ask the questions or make the comments that you have not found the time or nerve to ask or say. Below is a form that would allow you send emails without divulging your identity or email address. You will have time to submit questions/comments during the session but this will help save time. So, to ensure your questions/comments get to us, submit them today, if possible.

All questions/comments are encouraged and welcomed. The only rules are to not be disrespectful and do not use any other students’ name(s). You may, however, direct questions or comments to the directors.

Saturday, March 7, 2015: Extended Session (End at 1:00PM)

Saturday’s session, 3/7/15, will be our final weekly session. As always, this session commences at 1:00PM instead of 12:00PM. Both breakfast and lunch will be provided. Dress code is casual. Attendance of all is expected and will contribute to the value and success of this important session.

Program Directors

Kellee Parrott Gonzalez
McDonogh '96

Kourtney J. Whitehead
Osbourn (VA) '96

Terrance T. Whitehead
Gilman '95

Karlo G. Young
Gilman '97


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